Welcome to the Killingly Democratic Town Committee's (KDTC) web site.

(Click on 2014 Killingly Cooks Strawberry Shortcake to pre-order a ticket for the Killingly DTC's Strawberry Shortcake at Killingly Cooks on Saturday, Sept. 13 and get a 10% Discount.)

(Click on 2014 Meet the Candidates Flyer for information about our upcoming Meet the Candidates Dinner with Special Guest Rep. Joe Courtney.)

Former DNC Chair Howard Dean used to say, "Democracy is not a spectator sport!" Democratic Town Committees are the active grassroots of the Democratic Party and a great way for Progressives and those who share the Democratic Party's core ideals to get involved in our democratic process. To find out more about how to become a Democratic Town Committee member check out our FAQ's on this subject. And if you wnat to get more involved in local politics and government, please check out our Get Involved section.

We represent all Democrats in the town of Killingly and welcome Killingly Democrats to our meetings and events. Our regularly scheduled meetings are held on the last Tuesday of every month, except in December. These meetings are also scheduled on the Town of Killingly's events calendar. Check the right sidebar on this web site for the list of our scheduled public meetings and events.

Also in the right sidebar are countdown clocks to the next two elections and a count-up clock for how long the current President has been in office. After the Party Endorsements for Municipal Candidates has completed, the right sidebar will contain the list of candidates running for town offices. In addition are links to some of our state and federal candidates and elected officials.

We recognize that it is impossible for all registered Democrats to actively attend our meetings, thus we have built this web site to help keep you informed about meetings and events we host or support in the Quiet Corner of Connecticut, as well as general news and information important to Democrats.

Please bookmark and visit our web site often. If you have any questions or comments please email the Killingly DTC Webmaster or the Killingly DTC Chair. You can also post comments on the Killingly DTC's Facebook page.